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Hey there, I am a freelance photojournalist who mainly works out of the Middle East, mainly throughout both Iraq and Syria. I have been everywhere from the Mountains on the border with Iran to the frontlines in Manbij and everywhere I could travel in between. In Iraq I have traveled to many beautiful cities such as Erbil and Sulymaniyah, and soon will be traveling through the Nineveh Province of Iraq to further show the beauty of the Middle East. I have also showed those who have fought to perserve this beauty from the few that wish to destroy it. In Syria I traveled to towns like Kobanî, in an area of Syria often refered to as Rojava, which became symbols of resistance to the tyranny of ISIS. While in Syria I  also embedded with the Syrian Democratic Forces, to show the fight against ISIS while we traveled to Raqqa, Ayn Issa, Hasakah, Manbij and everywhere in between. I hope to show the truth behind life in this beautiful place through photography while I am out there while also working as a journalist.
*Any Photographs found on this page are not to be used in any way without the express written consent of the Photographer, Christopher M Dowd. Anyone wishing to contact me about the use of these photos may use the contact page and you will be answered promptly.


Christopher Dowd 
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